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Automated Ascent is a boutique technology consultancy that delivers software solutions to help our customers succeed. We specialize in the areas of project automation, containers and Continuous Delivery. Through our unique mentoring methodology, we will train and guide your team on the best practices for building flexible and efficient software.

Benjamin Muschko


Benjamin Muschko is a software engineer on the JVM, consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He’s passionate about project automation, testing and Continuous Delivery. Ben is the author of Gradle in Action, published by Manning Publications. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and is an avid Open Source advocate.

Gradle in Action

Gradle in Action

Gradle in Action is a comprehensive guide to end-to-end project automation with Gradle. Starting with the basics, this practical, easy-to-read book discusses how to build a full-fledged, real-world project. Along the way, it touches on advanced topics like testing, continuous integration, and monitoring code quality. You'll also explore tasks like setting up your target environment and deploying your software.

"The best Gradle reference ever! Full of real-world examples."

  • Wellington R. Pinheiro, Walmart eCommerce Brazil

"The missing book to help make Gradle accessible to any developer."

  • Samuel Brown, Blackboard, Inc.

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