Technical Writing

We offer technical writing support to communicate complex subject matter to end users in an engaging, approachable and immersive manner. Our service offerings include creating elaborate project documentation, developing self-directed learning experiences like tutorials or blog posts and implementing documentation toolchains. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Content Creation

We will work closely with product owners and engineers to produce high-quality, accurate and engaging technical documentation.

Documentation Review

Need an extra eye on your existing documentation? We can provide review and guide you toward a more polished, inspiring product.

Documentation Tooling

Developing and managing technical documentation as code can be hard. We implement documentation toolchains to enable the smooth adoption of DocOps.

Getting Started with Bazel

Getting Started with Bazel

One of the newer players in the build tool field is Bazel, the open source variant of Google’s powerful internal build tool Blaze. After years of refinement, the first production-ready version, Bazel 1.0, was released in October 2019. Is this tool right for your organization? This report explores the use cases, features, and usability concerns of Bazel, including its benefits and shortcomings.

This quick start reference uses concrete Java-based examples to give you a first taste of Bazel’s syntax and functionality. The report also covers advanced features like remote caching and execution. You’ll be able to determine hands-on if Bazel is a good fit for your organization and come away with the knowledge and resources to start using this versatile, polyglot build tool for your project.

What's New in Java 12?

What's New in Java 12?

New Java releases continue to arrive at a rapid pace. The community now receives a new Java version with features and bug fixes about every two months. The latest edition of this ebook examines many added and removed items in Java 12, including a new preview feature that lets you try out functionality not yet ready for production.

This quick start reference uses code examples to explore new features such as the teeing collector, the string indentation and transformation APIs, and support for Unicode 11. With this ebook, you can determine whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade now or wait until the next Java release.

What's New in Java 11?

What's New in Java 11?

The Java release train is moving faster than ever. Beginning with Java 9 in 2017, the platform’s one-to-three year release cycle accelerated to every six months, ensuring that timely new features and fixes would reach developers quickly. But as this ebook explains, Java 11 is more than just another incremental release.

This quick start reference examines the many changes in Java 11, including several new features and the removal or deprecation of some older ones. You’ll also learn the intricate differences between the Oracle JDK and other open source JDK distributions when it comes to licensing terms and patch update availability.

Gradle in Action

Gradle in Action

Gradle in Action is a comprehensive guide to end-to-end project automation with Gradle. Starting with the basics, this practical, easy-to-read book discusses how to build a full-fledged, real-world project. Along the way, it touches on advanced topics like testing, continuous integration, and monitoring code quality. You'll also explore tasks like setting up your target environment and deploying your software.

"The best Gradle reference ever! Full of real-world examples."

  • Wellington R. Pinheiro, Walmart eCommerce Brazil

"The missing book to help make Gradle accessible to any developer."

  • Samuel Brown, Blackboard, Inc.

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